Interactive modules in e-commerce website are the backbone of the site. Your business cannot run without the systems that allow the customers to interact online with various programs and carry out functions such as selection of products, comparing prices, collecting them to a shopping cart, and processing payment online. Many sites also have a search feature that allows visitors to search for particular keywords on the site.

These interactive modules are not there only for the convenience of customers, however. They are extremely useful administrative features.

Imagine what would happen if you could not control the content on your site, update product lists, keep an inventory of goods that were in the delivery stage or out of stock, or could not process payment after verifying customer ID.

Content management systems are used by admin to keep control over the content of the site. Daily content upgrades would be tedious to carry out if the administrator needed a lot of technical knowledge. It would force site owners to leave all the content management to dedicated IT teams and web developers. Not only would that be expensive, you would also be running the risk of handing over the site entirely to web design service providers. That is why Live Pages incorporates easy content management tools in the website design to make sure that their clients can access their own site and make changes to them as soon and as frequently as they need to.

CRM, or customer relationship management, is the buzzword with businesses today, even online businesses. How you handle your customers decides how successful your business is. This is why one of the more important Interactive modules in E-commerce Website is related to managing and building a good rapport with customers. Happy customers mean repeat visits. And more often than not, they bring in other customers through referrals. To tap into this customer base, Live Pages has designed a module around customer handling, including pages for FAQ, newsletters, and customer service centers.

Most of our small and medium sized business clients are happy with these three Interactive modules in e-commerce website. Some of the larger e-commerce sites call for third party management modules, which helps them coordinate with third party vendors, suppliers, financial organizations, and affiliates.

At Live Pages, we will help you set up the interactive modules in E-commerce Website so that you get the most out of your site. We work with the client to develop a site that deals with every small and big matter such as: the languages to be used on the site, the currency to be used for pricing, storage of personal data of users, refund amount, shipping charges, size of the thumbnails and the main image, custom messages to be displayed, buyer statistics, automatic product cataloging, and more.

If you need help with your online marketplace, get in touch with us to know more. Our interactive modules in e-commerce website are the complete solution for your e-commerce needs.